Chair for peace and universal values, transversal axes of education programsGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

Chair for peace and universal values, transversal axes of education programs


The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) and the Juárez Autonomous University of Tabasco (UJAT) signed a collaboration agreement under the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) in the Morelos rectory hall of the house of studies.

ALIUP establishes these agreements with the objective of creating and developing educational programs that promote the peaceful resolution of conflicts and respect for human rights within teaching, research and proper extension of Higher Education.

Rector José Piña (UJAT) and the national coordinator of the GEAP in Mexico, Francisco Guerra, were the authorities that established the Alliance, which translates into an advance of the ALIUP project in Mexico.

"The participation and integration of the UJAT is important, because the GEAP can now collaborate with the projects of common interest for the benefit of the student population in the State of Tabasco", mentioned Piña.

In addition, Piña added that there is a lot of work and hopes to integrate the brigades of the Guardians for the Peace of Mother Earth, the blood drives, and now ALIUP.

For his part, Francisco Guerra, in his participation expressed:

«La gran fuerza de la Embajada son los jóvenes; por eso, el interés de hacer la vinculación a través de la firma de este convenio, una de las grandes aspiraciones es concientizar a la juventud».

Integrantes de UJAT y EMAP

Members of UJAT and the GEAP

With the signing of the document, the agreement to promote the creation and development of an international chair on the culture of peace and universal values, as a transversal axis in the training programs in institutions of higher education was signed.


access_time Wednesday, February 8, 2017