ALIUP expands in Argentina: Higher Institute of Professional and Technical Formation signs an agreement for an education for PeaceGlobal Embassy of Activists for Peace

ALIUP expands in Argentina: Higher Institute of Professional and Technical Formation signs an agreement for an education for Peace


Entailment for the development of professional skills based on human values

The International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) extends its work in Argentina, with the union of the Higher Institute of Professional and Technical Formation No. 9-002 "Tomás Godoy Cruz" (TGC) in the city of Mendoza, by signing an agreement to develop an educational program that promotes values in Higher Education planning.

The ALIUP was created by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP) and is formed by the grouping of universities, colleges, careers, professorships, professionals of Higher Education, ministries of education, national and international accrediting agencies and regulators in Higher Education. (See: Institutional Video of the ALIUP).

These interagency partnerships focus on promoting education that fosters respect for human dignity, promoting human rights, equality and freedom, in the development of skills to strengthen a culture of peace. (See: Objectives and methodology ALIUP)

The TGC is a public institution of state management, with a history of over 130 years of professional and technical training in a superior level. It is related to other organizations in the education system, governmental and non-governmental organizations for the professionalization of students, both for professional and technical formation.

Signed agreement

The academic meeting held on June 11th, in TGC created a space to share experiences and projects aimed at the development of professional skills based on human values.

With the signing of this agreement, the Tomás Godoy Cruz Institute agrees to include the education program that ALIUP promotes in their chairs and to socialize this alliance in the province of Mendoza and throughout the nation.

Regent Andrea Calvo, chief academic extension Miguel Angel Sarmiento, representatives of the GEAP, Analia Saldana and Erika Correa, and the director of the institution, Cristian Barzola, were present during the commitment act. Barzola highlighted the work of ALIUP and added:

"There are many institutions that are working in this direction, who are actively concerned on what formation is, which is generating new opportunities for every young person and sees that this concept of peace is taking root in Latin American villages, and that somehow pushes foward and becomes an active value in each educational process in Latin American countries".

On her behalf, Andrea Calvo recalled her participation in the First International ALIUP Seminar in Bolivia, which focused on the "Challenges of Higher Education in Human and Society Development - Values in the Development of Professional Skills" and expressed that following the event she made a voluntary commitment to become part of and work on this initiative.

Also, Miguel Angel Sarmiento said that from the beginning, the institution has tried to find a space to build values ​​and thus, build a better world. He stated:

"As an educational institution we have the responsibility in forming new generations, and I think it is inevitable (on these issues) to be participants."

The ALIUP is an active strategic partner and collaborator in the mission of promoting respect for human dignity and fundamental rights, with the noble purpose of installing in Higher Education institutions of the nations, the appreciation of peace as an asset in the formation of values, development of professional skills and the challenge of quality assurance in the field of Higher Education.

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