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Educational Session / Paraguay

At the VIP Chamber of Deputies of the Legislative Palace in Paraguay, authorities from the political field gathered to discuss the topic: “The transforming power of education” during the fourth table of the Educational Session of CUMIPAZ 2016.

Luci Bento, Postgraduate director of the Nihon Gakko University of Paraguay, participated as the moderator of the educational session.

Three subtopics were presented:

  • “Student leadership to transform social reality”.
  • “The need to construct an organizational culture for a viable transforming power in higher education”.
  • “Inclusive education before the requirements of the XXI century.”

Forming youth leaders

Felisa Liss, advisor and coordinator of the International Leadership Institute Department of Israel, explained how the educational system of her nation forms leaders through volunteer work.

“We can find paths to offer motivation, to offer values to the youths so they can have a better future,” she said.

Felisa Liss

Lecturer and consultant at the International Institute for Leadership and the Israeli Ministry of Education

At the same time, she mentioned that to form leaders through community work, you must take the following into account:

  • Cooperation
  • Social participation
  • Individual and group motivation
  • Responsibility
  • Respect and
  • Security

She also said that the educational institutions in Israel demand 60 hours of volunteer work from every student, an action that becomes a habit in youths and that has formed leaders that do a work that benefits society.

An education that creates change

Rafael Ramirez Rivera, Rector of the Inter American University (INTER) of Puerto Rico, spoke on the topic: “The necessity of constructing an organizational culture for a viable transforming power in higher education”.

Ramirez commented on the process the Inter American University faced when they installed the new structure based on values, and he also mentioned the leading role of the students in community projects.

Everyone has the right to receive a quality education

The director of the Ibero American Institute of Education in Human Rights for Mercosur, OEI, Uruguay, Ignacio Hernaiz, spoke on the topic: “Inclusive education before the requirements of the XXI century”.


For Hernaiz, the educational institutions should be based on an inclusive system, at the same time, he stated that cultural diversity and the indigenous people of Latin America are a topic within the agenda of inclusive education.

“Education as the centerpiece for the formation of the human being and peace is a constructive process of society”, said Hernaiz.

He also affirmed that it is necessary to educate citizens, in addition, he considers it important to educate for school and community life.

The fourth table of the Educational Session of the Peace Integration Summit CUMIPAZ Paraguay, concluded with a questions and answer session.



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