Celebration and appreciation to donors of life this June 14

International - Tuesday, 12/06/2018

In Latin America, Spain and the United States, the GEAP will celebrate World Blood Donor Day with acts of recognition and with the 11th Marathon.


United States - Tuesday, 05/06/2018

La EMAP hace entrega al Secretario General de la OEA, de la última versión del proyecto Carta Ambiental Interamericana y la Proclama de los Derechos de la Madre Tierra.

The GEAP in a coalition of proactive dialogue with the OAS

United States - Sunday, 03/06/2018

The GEAP in a proactive coalition before the OAS for an Inter-American Environmental Charter

Youths in Cidra receive teachings on the Holocaust

Puerto Rico - Thursday, 26/04/2018

Humanism, compassion, integrity, right to education and the right to freedom were some of the concepts that volunteer activists from the GEAP shared with the students of the Ruth Evelyn Cruz Santos...

Proposals for the Peace of Mother Earth and of the Indigenous Peoples are presented at the UN

United States - Friday, 20/04/2018

The ABYA YALA Indigenous Forum and the GEAP organized this Friday, April 20, 2018 the event "Working for the Peace of Mother Earth and Indigenous Peoples".

The GEAP present at the UNFPII 17: Forum of Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations

United States - Thursday, 19/04/2018

The GEAP is socializing the proposals for Governance and Environmental Justice in the Seventeenth Session of the Permanent Forum of the United Nations for Indigenous Affairs UNPFII 17.

Blood donation campaign supplies hospitals in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - Saturday, 07/04/2018

During the drive, 160 effective blood units were collected and 143 people were sensitized to be voluntary donors.

Methodological workshops on composition and musical tuning for the benefit of the human family.

Brazil - Friday, 06/04/2018

Young people participated in two parallel tables to socialize the basic principles of composition and frequency 432 Hz, frequency of peace.

A space for music during the 1st National World Youth Movement

Brazil - Friday, 06/04/2018

On the second day of activities, youths gathered in São Paulo,  and through different workshops they were sensitized on the power of music.