Methodological workshops on composition and musical tuning for the benefit of the human family.

Brazil - Friday, 06/04/2018

Young people participated in two parallel tables to socialize the basic principles of composition and frequency 432 Hz, frequency of peace.

A space for music during the 1st National World Youth Movement

Brazil - Friday, 06/04/2018

On the second day of activities, youths gathered in São Paulo,  and through different workshops they were sensitized on the power of music.

Fundamentals and youth activism of positive transformational integral leadership

Brazil - Thursday, 05/04/2018

The 1st National Encounter of the World Youth Movement in Brazil finalized its first day of activities between theory and practical dynamics.

Brazilian youths actively came together for integral peace

Brazil - Thursday, 05/04/2018

Launching of an educational and social intervention project designed to train, form and orient young people as integral transformational leaders.

Commemoration activities in honor of the victims of the Holocaust

Argentina - Friday, 26/01/2018

During this act, the commemorative plaque of survivors Edgar Wildfeuer and Ceslada Eisen de Keselman were exhibited.

5th Consultation Meeting: Proposals in favor of indigenous people

Argentina - Saturday, 20/01/2018

At the encounter, the Inter-American Environmental Charter and the proposals that emerged during the previous Encounters of the Children of Mother Earth were presented.

Indigenous peoples attend GEAP consultation meetings

Argentina - Saturday, 16/12/2017

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Meeting of Consultation with the indigenous peoples of Argentina. 

International launch of the musical project: OSEMAP

Bolivia - Saturday, 16/12/2017

The GEAP launches a new musical project

Demonstration of the Holocaust in the Public Security Ministry of Panama

Panama - Wednesday, 13/12/2017

The plaque "Traces to Remember" was unveiled at the Ministry of Public Security, and the photographic exhibition The  Holocaust was presented.