Judicial leaders discuss ways to prevent genocide

Panama - Friday, 20/10/2017

At a Judicial Session, experts discuss international cooperation in the prevention of genocidal acts in the world.

President of the Supreme Court of Justice participates in CUMIPAZ

Panama - Friday, 20/10/2017

José Ayú Prado Canals, President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, participated in the ceremony to open the Justice and Democracy Session of CUMIPAZ 2017, held in the Hemicycle of the...

Justice and Democracy are the foundations of world peace

- Friday, 20/10/2017

Dr. William Soto opened the Justice and Democracy Session with a lecture where he highlighted the importance of a transparent, quick and efficient justice. 

Panama's Minister of Education joins the work of CUMIPAZ

Panama - Thursday, 19/10/2017

Marcela Paredes, Minister of Education of Panama, spoke about the need for the educational system to include pedagogical strategies for the construction of a culture of peace during the opening of...

Education in values is the foundation of the integral human being

Panama - Thursday, 19/10/2017

William Soto, Executive President of Global Embassy of Activists for Peace officially began the Educational Session of the 3rd Peace Integration Summit, which takes place at the headquarters of the...

Changing the educational paradigm: CUMIPAZ works for the integral formation

Panama - Thursday, 19/10/2017

Educational Session was installed in the Latin American Parliament. Ministers, deputy ministers, secretaries of education and academics participated.

Political authorities urge democracy as a perspective of peace

Panama - Wednesday, 18/10/2017

CUMIPAZ 2017 proposes democracy as the best current system of governance for integral peace.

James Lambert: OAS monitors respect for fundamental rights

Panama - Wednesday, 18/10/2017

The canadian James Matthew Lambert partcipates in CUMIPAZ Panama 2017, Diplomatic, Parlamentary, and Policy Session

Reflections on political management for peace, by William Soto

Panama - Wednesday, 18/10/2017

Message from the Executive President of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, William Soto, at the DPP Session of CUMIPAZ 2017.