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International | access_time September 19 2017
On September 21st, GEAP celebrates the International Day of Peace through the campaign “Forging integral peace”.
Annual assembly will gather the 167 higher education institutions and the other members of the ALIUP during CUMIPAZ 2017.
International | access_time September 06 2017
The launch of the International Alliance for CSR and Sustainable Development to Strengthen Peace will be held at CUMIPAZ 2017.
International | access_time September 02 2017
This September 16th, the GEAP joins the international community to clean our oceans and seas.
International | access_time September 02 2017
Why donate blood?
The International Campaign "Life is in the Blood: Donating the Sap of Life" shows you where and why to voluntarily donate blood.
International | access_time August 23 2017
As Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Costa Rica; I assure you that Costa Ricans, convinced of our systems of democratic coexistence, governed by humanist principles, will reject any act of...