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United States | access_time July 10 2017
conciencia ecologica
Con recuperación de espacios públicos y ferias ambientales, Activistas de la EMAP  en Estados Unidos celebran Día mundial del Medio Ambiente
International | access_time July 07 2017
International | access_time July 03 2017
Ecuador | access_time June 30 2017
dia del donante
The GEAP and the Ministry of Health in Quito thanked the donors for their contributions and also created awareness on the importance of donating blood. 
Mexico | access_time June 25 2017
On June 28, 2017, Mexico City will host a multitudinous encounter of youth leaders with peace initiatives. The event is organized by the GEAP.
International | access_time June 09 2017
International | access_time June 02 2017
justicia y paz
Representatives from governmental institutions address issues of national and international conjuncture in the 2nd National Judicial Forum in Peru.
USA | access_time May 17 2017
mesa de honor
Madrid fue el escenario para la realización del Foro Judicial Internacional “Nuevas Propuestas para la Prevención y la Sanción del Delito de Genocidio