Gabriela Lara | Installation Act - Parliamentary Session, CUMIPAZ 2017
Gabriela Lara

Gabriela Lara | Installation Act - Parliamentary Session, CUMIPAZ 2017

A fraternal greeting to the honorable deputy Yanibel Abrego Smith, president of the Assembly of Panama; Mr. James Matthew Lambert, Secretary of Hemispheric Affairs of the OAS; Mr. Luis Eduardo Quirós, president of the Commission of Education, Culture, Technology and Communication of Parlatino; and to all the authorities that accompany us. Welcome once again to the Peace Integration Summit 2017. Thank you for attending this call of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace.

The objective of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Policy Session is to build a space where we can discuss, debate, present, develop, strengthen different proposals, projects and agreements aimed at seeking improvement, peace and happiness of the integral human being, based on the World Sustainable Development Goals and in harmony with Mother Earth.

From the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace we are aware that the political community is the heart, the soul of each nation, because its political decisions determine the destiny of the peoples; they are called to transform this society -which is often exclusive- into an inclusive, just and peaceful society.

Happiness is the existential goal of every man. It is up to political leaders to help build it. And this is not achieved by simply enacting laws, because there are already laws: we must generate effective actions to seek the economic and social development of a country; but, above all, an integral development of the human being.

The true guarantee of a just, equal and peaceful society is the leader's love for their people, the love of the political community for their people and respect for human dignity. For this reason we consider this area of ​​vital importance, since it brings together civil society and the political community in the same scenario, where national and international leaders will be able to present their projects and actions for the well-being of the human being, for the construction of a culture of peace in a globalized world, respectful of differences, tolerant, with justice and equity.

Next I want to present a video of Dr. William Soto Santiago, president of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace, who with great regret and for health reasons could not be present, but he will make the official opening of the Policy and Parliamentary Session through a short video.





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