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Proposals that seek to oppose this crime against humanity at an international level will come from Colombia.   Bogota, Colombia.
Specialists in the areas of International Criminal Justice, Genocide, terrorism, violation of human rights, among others, from ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, BOSNIA, ISRAEL, PARAGUAY, VENEZUELA AND ARGENTINA...
| access_time September 13 2014
HOLOCAUST The Holocaust or Shoah was the systematic murder and bureaucratically organized genocide of more than 20 million people in Europe, committed by the Nazi regime and...
On September 12, 2014, the Forum "Educating to Remember" was carried out in Paraguay. The event was held at the Catholic University Campus in Pedro Juan Caballero, capital of the Amambay Department...
Guatemala | access_time August 30 2014
The Traces to Remember project is being carried out at the Congress of Baja California; commemorative plaques have already been exhibited in the vast majority of countries across Latin America...