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Puerto Rico | access_time April 26 2018
Humanism, compassion, integrity, right to education and the right to freedom were some of the concepts that volunteer activists from the GEAP shared with the students of the Ruth Evelyn Cruz Santos...
Puerto Rico | access_time April 07 2018
During the drive, 160 effective blood units were collected and 143 people were sensitized to be voluntary donors.
Unidades de sangre.
On April 6 and 7, at Plaza las Américas in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a blood drive campaign was carried out.
Puerto Rico | access_time March 24 2018
Presentación teatral
  With activities such as information modules and reforestation activities, the GEAP carried out this celebration successfully.
Puerto Rico | access_time March 24 2018
After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans ratify their commitment in the fight against climate change during Earth Hour.
Puerto Rico | access_time March 10 2018
129 citizens participated in the drive that resulted in a total of 111 effective units of safe blood
GEAP expresses its solidarity after the happenings in Mexico, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands.
Puerto Rico | access_time September 21 2017
Doscientos voluntarios
Puerto Rico | access_time September 16 2017
Environmental Control of the Municipality of Ponce classified the marine garbage collected in Laguna de las Salinas and Punta Cucharas Natural Reserve.
Puerto Rico | access_time September 05 2017
111 Puerto Ricans donate blood in drives organized by the GEAP and the Mutual Services Blood Bank, Inc. in San Juan.