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The celebration was held in several cities of the country with activities honoring and thanking voluntary donors and also, raising public awareness.
Ecuador | access_time August 09 2017
Arte Originarios
The GEAP in Ecuador celebrates the International Day of the Indigenous Peoples promoting the defense of their rights.
Ecuador | access_time June 30 2017
Ecuadorians celebrate World Blood Donor Day, collecting 100 effective units of blood. 
Ecuador | access_time June 30 2017
dia del donante
The GEAP and the Ministry of Health in Quito thanked the donors for their contributions and also created awareness on the importance of donating blood. 
3,354 people including students, teachers and citizenship in general participated in educational talks on the 5R given by the GEAP.
desfile ambiental
Con charlas y desfiles ambientales, Voluntarios de la EMAP en Ecuador sensibilizan sobre el cuidado y protección de la Madre Tierra
Ecuador | access_time April 22 2017
Volunteers from the GEAP socialized the Proclamation of the Constitution of the Rights of Mother Earth in different public spaces.
The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace in Ecuador commemorated World Water Day in various cities of the country.