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Guatemala | access_time October 05 2018
Soto insta a la unión de esfuerzos y el establecimiento de compromisos por el fortalecimiento del sistema judicial durante la Sesión Justicia y Democracia.
With the presence of the president of the Supreme Court of Justice of Guatemala, distinguished magistrates and judges of the high courts, the Justice and Democracy Session begins at CUMIPAZ...
Judges of the high courts, ministers and magistrates from different countries will contribute to universal justice for peace.
Guatemala | access_time October 04 2018
CUMIPAZ 2018 in the Diplomatic Session developed topics on public policy in defense of Human Rights and Mother Earth.
International authorities presented their presentations for the welfare and happiness of the human family.
Guatemala | access_time October 04 2018
Parliamentarians meet in the Political Session of the CUMIPAZ Guatemala 2018, to provide actions that guarantee the fulfillment of Human Rights in the nations.
The president of the Guatemalan Congress, Alvaro Arzú Escobar, participated in the Diplomatic, Polictand Parliamentary Session of the Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ 2018), where...
James Lambert, at CUMIPAZ 2018, spoke on Governance and co-responsibility: The OAS as a factor of continental cohesion.
Guatemala | access_time October 04 2018
At the opening of the Diplomatic, Parliamentary and Political Session, Soto raised the need for global and inclusive governance for peace.
the session was attended by Ambassador James Lambert, secretary of hemispheric affairs of the OAS.