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Scenario of world peace 2017:

Peace Integration Summit – CUMIPAZ

Third Edition in Panama

From October 16th to the 21st – Panama City (Parlatino headquarters)

The Peace Integration Summit (CUMIPAZ), is an encounter of leaders and thinkers, with the objective of generating an international space of dialogue and integration for peace, sustainable development, happiness of the integral human being and of the nations in harmony with Mother Earth.

The Summit calls upon personalities from the different fields where the human being interacts, in order to study, debate and formulate initiatives, projects, and viable actions, aimed at the strengthening of integral peace and the sustainability of the nations.

The event is coordinated by the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization, without a religious order or state subsidies, financed by their volunteers.

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Global convergence 2017 for peace and sustainability: 3rd CUMIPAZ

The 3rd edition of CUMIPAZ will develop the following sessions: Educational, Diplomatic, Political and Policy, Justice and Democracy, and Corporate Social Responsibility; and it will present another work area: Science for the Preservation of the Life of Mother Earth and of the Human Being. The proposals will be centered on the defense and practice of human rights, integral quality education, sustainable development and new reaches for the preservation of Earth and human life. Read more.

International Business Alliance for Peace will begin in Panamá 2017

The International Alliance for CSR and Sustainable Development for the Strengthening of Peace (ARSEPAZ) will be launched during the Corporate Social Responsibility Session (CSR) for Sustainable Development in the 3rd Edition of CUMIPAZ. This network of members will allow the sharing of CSR experiences, the support of projects and actions that promote the protection of Mother Earth, among other initiatives. Read more.

Network of Universities for Peace to hold Assembly during CUMIPAZ
The Global Embassy of Activists for Peace convenes all members of ALIUP (International Alliance of Universities for Peace) to present the work that has been carried out under this alliance, also to define the objectives of the 2018 agenda, centered on a comprehensive education for peace and sustainable development. Read more

Authorities and personality of the world come together

The call for CUMIPAZ has been attended by representatives of supranational and multilateral organizations, governments, non-governmental, business, cultural and civil society organizations. Among the lecturers:

  • Luis Almagro Lemes, Secretary General of the OAS.
  • Elias Ariel Castillo Gonzalez, President of the Parlatino.
  • Manuel Ventura Robles, former judge of the Inter American Court on Human Rights.
  • Rafaa Ben Achour, judge of the African Court on Human Rights (Tunez).
  • Cesar Ernesto Salazar Grande, magistrate of the Central American Court of Justice – El Salvador.
  • Marcela Paredes, minister of Education in Panama.
  • Rajendra Kumar Pachauri, Nobel Peace Prize 2007, president of the World Forum on Sustainable Development (WSDF).
  • Mariam Wallet Aboubakrine, Chair of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.
  • Avner Adin, president of the Water Association of Israel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Ernesto Samper Pizano, former President of the Republic of Colombia.
  • Rollin McCarty, director of scientific investigation team, Hearth Math Institute.
  • Humberto Grimaldo, advisor for Latin America of the FAO.
  • Jose Ramon Holguin Brito, president of the Association of Rectors of the Caribbean and the Americas (ARCA).
  • Oscar Vallarino, vice president of Corporate Management. Panama Canal Authority.

See all the lecturers

CUMIPAZ 2017 presents music as a power to change societies

To celebrate the opening of CUMIPAZ in Panama, a Peace Integration Symphonic Concert will be given. Apart for enlivening the Inaugural Gala, this will be the scenario for the presentation of the program “The power of music for the peace and happiness of the integral human being”. Read more

Media Accreditation

For those journalists who are interested in accreditation in order to cover the events of CUMIPAZ 2017, an online accreditation system is available on our official web page:

This accreditation is strictly reserved for journalists, whether written, audio-visual press, press agencies, magazines or online media, which belong to a registered means of communication. 

Steps the journalist must follow:

  • Inscription: open web page and fill out the application. The receipt will be sent via email.
  • Withdraw your participation credential in accordance to the provisions given by the Summit.

News Distribution Center

All information regarding the events of the Summit, such as the press releases, images and videos, will be available for the complete coverage of the activities.

Streaming and videos

The Summit media team will transmit live the conferences and activities (official transmission). Also, they will offer the visualization and downloads of interviews, lectures, news and all the audio-visual material created before the Summit and that is created during the days of the sessions.


A bank of high quality and resolution photographs of the sessions of the Summit will be available to the media, with a complete registration of the segments, work tables, and conferences.

Press room and access areas

During the event, an area will be accessible for the installation and internal work of the journalists, an interview set will also be available. The media will also have access to certain areas in order to cover the event, according to the general program of the Summit.


Press email:

Gabriela Lara

General Coordinator of CUMIPAZ – GEAP

Ruth de Bermudez

Press Coordinator CUMIPAZ – GEAP

Phone: +50768917104