ALIUP International Alliance of Universities for Peace

ALIUP International Alliance of Universities for Peace


The International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) is an international program of the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), which aims to create a network of institutions and professionals that promote the formation of a culture of peace and the defense of human rights, through the development of programs and projects of social intervention. It also promotes the implementation of an international chair on a culture of peace and universal values in formation programs in higher education institutions.

The ALIUP is made up of universities, institutes of higher education, directors, professors, state organizations, international organizations, accreditation agencies and regulation instances of higher education. The current pro tempore Secretariet of the ALIUP is held by the Magister University of Costa Rica. (See list of the members of the ALIUP Network)

The leadership of the university is fundamental in this new era of knowledge, for that reason, there is an increasing number institutions of higher education that join the ALIUP every day, recognizing its integrating and transforming role of societies, adding wills to build a paradigm shift in higher education.


«The aim of an education in values for peace is to train more humane, comprehensive, prepared and conscious beings to help their family, their community and their nation; so that they serve their neighbor, with a sensitivity that should characterized every human being».

—Dr. William Soto Santiago, President of the ALIUP—



2.1 General objective

Contribute to the construction of a culture of peace through quality integral education, oriented to the development of professional competencies based on a) universal and spiritual principles and values, b) respect, promotion and protection of rights humans and Mother Earth; to form transformational leaders who contribute actively and positively to the well-being, improvement and happiness of the human being.


2.2 Specific objectives

  1. To promote in universities and higher education centers the establishment of an education in values that promotes peace in the integral human being and among nations, as a good for the development of professional competences.
  2. Create and develop educational programs that promote the peaceful solution of conflicts and respect for human rights within teaching, research and extension of higher education.

To promote a network of academic, scientific and cultural exchanges among institutions and teachers of higher education that develop projects and campaigns aimed at the promotion of peace, education for sustainable development and the happiness of the human family.


Fields of actions

The ALIUP, in the pursuit of the fulfillment of its purposes, develops activities in five fields of action related to the areas of higher education, these are: institutional, teaching, students, university extension and research.



This field of action is intended to generate spaces for dialogue and reflection on the need for comprehensive education at the university level and the internationalization of higher education through the incorporation of members to the ALIUP Network.



Promote international university integration and the exchange of experiences in innovative educational practices, aimed at the promotion of an integral education based on principles and values, which contribute to the peace and happiness of the human being.



Within this component, the training of teachers and their mobility among the members of the Network is encouraged, in order to promote the exchange of competences, didactic and pedagogical methodologies in themes related to culture of peace, transformational leadership, social justice, human rights and sustainable development.



Sensitize and contribute to the training of the university professor as a cultural axiological manager of social transformations, through training in an Education for Peace.



This field of action encourages the formation of integral university students, through workshops of youth leaders, chairs promoting peace, as well as a diploma, specialization, masters and doctorates in Leadership, Culture of Peace, Human Rights and Sustainable Development.


  • To train the integral human being, who contributes to the construction of a culture of peace in society and in the world, through an educational program of higher education founded on principles, values and respect for human rights and the rights of Mother Earth; forming transformational leaders that promote the strengthening of peace and happiness of the human being in harmony with Mother Earth.
  • Develop leadership skills in students, as promoters of social transformation, through a comprehensive educational process oriented to the culture of peace and volunteering.
  • To deepen the significant knowledge inherent in a culture of peace, with an approach based on interculturality through the internationalization of education.

* See "Chair for the peace and happiness of the integral human being”



In this field, the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace offers its programs, projects and campaigns, with which the student community can contribute to solving the problems and needs demanded by their social environment.



Contribute to the work of university extension of higher education institutions, through the programs and projects that the GEAP executes.


● Integral Program: Life is in the Blood (PEC VIDA, blood donation campaigns).

● International Children of Mother Earth Program

● Educating to Remember Program.

● Justice for Peace Program.

● Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

● Program The Power of Music for Peace and the Happiness of the Integral Human Being.




This component aims to disseminate experiences and knowledge related to Education for Peace.




Promote joint research and the publication of bibliographic reference materials that serve as tools in the area of values education, education for peace, sustainable development, human rights and Mother Earth.


Fields of actions

Chair for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being

The "Chair for peace and happiness of the integral human being" is an educational program proposed by the humanist Dr. William Soto Santiago, developed by the International Alliance of Universities for Peace (ALIUP) and the Global Embassy of Activists for Peace (GEAP), with the support of the Pro Tempore Secretariat of the ALIUP, assumed by the Nihon Gakko University (Paraguay) during the period November 2014 to October 2017.

Its contents are defined on the proposals socialized by the universities attending the different seminars organized by the ALIUP in various countries of the international community, and in the "Educational Theory for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being" of Dr. William Soto Santiago.

The contents of each unit are referred to real situations lived by higher education students, which will be developed in participatory spaces, where they can reflect on the role they should play in society as promoters of a culture of peace and transformational leaders; It will also allow them to know the importance of decision making and the implementation of positive values and attitudes in favor of their peers, their community, and the recognition of the rights of Mother Earth as a living being.

A change of paradigm is necessary, as proposed by the new educational model, where the human being first knows himself and then works on behalf of his peers and the community. Education is a power that transforms mentalities, cultures and societies, making it a strategic, safe and viable tool to achieve the development of the integral human being.

Chair for Peace and Happiness of the Integral Human Being